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Professional Examinations and Licensing for Practice

All Programmes are examined and awarded by the Uganda Allied Examinations Board (UAHEB), and the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES).

Licensing for practice is done by the Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC), Ministry of Health (MoH)

A Center of Excellence
in Public Health Training!

School of Hygiene-Mbale was founded way back in 1958 by the colonial government to train Health Inspectors (Assistant Environmental Health Officers), Health Assistants (Environmental Health Assistants), and Health Orderlies in response to rampant outbreaks of communicable diseases associated with poor housing, poor social status, ignorance, and poor living conditions during the time and after the world wars.

School of Hygiene Mbale first started in Mulago Medical School in 1930, and was later transferred to Mbale at the current School of Clinical Officers, then called Medical Assistants Training School (MATS) and which is now elevated to a College of Health Sciences.

“Our Motto: For Health Promotion”

Principal Ilukor Geresom's Message

School of Hygiene-Mbale with its rich history in Environmental and Public health training dating back to the post-independence era is committed to producing up-to-date globally dynamic and innovate public health professionals that are ready to deal with contemporary environmental and public health challenges affecting communities today.
SoHM started with only two programs but with its strategic plan in place its vision is ‘to become a center of excellence in training skilled, innovative graduates who are globally engaged in Public Health”, this vision with a strong team of qualified and committed staff, a proactive school governing council, government support, parents and all other partners will make School of Hygiene-Mbale a global multi-disciplinary public health training institution.
With the world currently facing an escalation of some existing, and an emergence of new environmental and public health challenges which are affecting man and his environment, it means that School of Hygiene-Mbale has perpetual mandate to produce the next generation of Environmental and Public Health officers and technicians with capacity to design, implement and lead programs and projects to mitigate these challenges. SoHM promises as one of its values to be practical and research oriented by developing new training programs, innovations and approaches in the area of Environmental and Public Health.
SoHM promises to be guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), National Development Goals (NDGs), International Best practices, and International and Nationals Laws and Regulations in all its effort to promote the Environmental and Public Health agenda.
I specially invite you to join SoHM as a Student, Alumni, Parent, Donor, Partner, Supporter or in any capacity to so that we work together to achieve our mission of promoting health by training resilient and competent Environmental and Public health professionals.

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