July 18, 2024 12:45 am

School of Hygiene-Mbale Past and Present

11950s -1960sMr. Wilky Europe-
21960s Mr. Pitts James Europe-
31968-1970Mr. S.J Farr Europe Ag. Senior Lecturer
41967-1971Mr. Owalam Y. Ernest BukedeaSenior Lecturer. Died in September 2013
51972-1975Mr. John Augustine Dhikosoka Iganga Senior Lecturer. Died in 1975
61975-1987Mr. Enyamu H.F.O John Serere Mr. Enyamu retired in 1987. Died June 2016.
71987-1994Mr. Kaahwa Sadraka Apuuli Baguma Kaborale Principal Health Inspector became Acting Principal after the retirement of Mr. Enyamu.
81994-2003Mr. Oluka Lo’Obore OlukaKumiPrincipal Health Inspector. He took over from Mr. Kaahwa after the retirement of Mr. Kaahwa. Died in September 2013.
92003-2004Mr. Okwalinga Henry TitoSerereSenior Health Tutor became Principal after the departure of Mr. Oluka.
102004Mr. Masaba Chris Eddix Mbale Principal Health Tutor, appointed by Ministry of Education and Sports and posted from Mulago Paramedical Schools (now UIAHMS) as Acting Principal, School of Hygiene-Mbale
112005Mr. Nangotsya Mike MbaleDEO Mbale District Local Government was made to care take the School during the time that followed the strike.
122005Mr. Tigawalana Robert Kamuli Principal Tutor, Mbale SOCO, a sister school, replaced DEO
132006-2013Mr. Agondua Joseph Arua First substantively appointed Principal, School of Hygiene-Mbale.
142013-2014Mr. Ongom James Denis Nebbi First substantively appointed Deputy Principal, School of Hygiene-Mbale was made to caretake when the Principal, Mr. Agondua Joseph, was transferred to Mulago Paramedical Schools.
152014Mr. Agondua Joseph Arua Transferred back to Mbale after the former Principal, Mulago Paramedical Schools, Dr. Rwandebo Wilson, was given a contract of two years.
16Dec. 2014 to Nov. 2019Mr. Ongom James Denis Nebbi Deputy Principal appointed Principal School of Hygiene-Mbale after Mr. Agondua took early retirement to be appointed as Deputy Executive Secretary, UAHEB
17Nov. 2019 todate Mr. Ilukor GeresomKumiPrincipal Health Tutor, appointed acting Principal after the retirement of Mr. Ongom James Denis, confirmed Principal in April 2021